About Nadette

NADETTE STAŠA is a casting director who has worked freelance with New York's top commercial casting offices including Strickman-Ripps Casting, Martine Casting, Toni Roberts Casting, Donald Case Casting, Liz Lewis Casting, Foreground Inc.,   and Vitamin Enriched. Nadette has more than 18 years of experience as a casting director, and 15 years of experience coaching and teaching commercial acting. Nadette takes great pleasure in teaching On-Camera and Voice Over classes for Stone Street Studios at her alma mater, NYU. In addition to her casting and teaching work, Nadette is an experienced on-camera commercial and voice-over actor. She has been seen and heard in network spots for Unisom, Gas-X, Kleenex, Jenny Craig, Morningstar Farms Meatless Grillers and as the voice of “Jammie” on HBO's Family Jam.

Nadette was featured as commercial acting coach to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in the reality TV show The Sorrentinos. Recently, Nadette was nominated for an Outstanding Actress Award in the LaWebFest for her participation in the web series An Actor Unprepared, created by the very talented Gianmarco Soresi (a former student of Nadette’s). In episode  #4, Nadette portrays a casting director.

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Gas-X Commercial

In 2010, Nadette created PEACE MUSEUM NY as way of bringing her leadership skills, creativity, positivity and grass roots approach to community building to the peace process. PEACE MUSEUM NY’s vision is to use participatory art, community, public space, positivity and joyful events to shift our global value system to one of compassion, generosity and inclusion. PEACE MUSEUM NY co-sponsors, along with Times-Up (an environmental direct action organization) peace bike rides every month and has created peace projects for FIGMENT (a participatory arts event on Governors Island).

photo credit: Jordan Matter