Classes & Workshops

Here's what students are saying about working with Nadette:

“I loved working with Nadette. She has a wonderful ability to distill the crucial elements of commercial acting and the audition process into a very concise set of principals. She was totally engaged, animated, informative, and supportive throughout. Highly recommended!”

“Thank you for such an inspirational class. I also want to tell you how refreshing it is to take a class from someone who will be brutally honest.  I hate when people bullshit around the truth.  Thank you for saying it how it is!  So nice.”

“Thank you again for bring such a fun, positive, yet honest energy to your class!  You made it a very safe environment!!!”

“Your class has paid for itself several times over now.”

“Nadette, I just booked my first commercial (Fallon Health Insurance) and I wanted to say thanks. You gave me the business insight to get the audition and the freedom in front of the camera to get the job. You're the best!”

"Just wanted you to know that since I've taken your class, I've booked 3 on camera commercials (Spike TV, Comcast, Time Warner) and 1 voice over (Lenscrafters). Thanks so much for your help!"

"Thanks so much!  You're really wonderful to take your depository of experience and knowledge and actually share it.  (Many commercial people who give classes still can't really talk to actors about what they need to do from the inside out.)"

Here's what past participants in the "Move your Commercial Career Forward" workshop have said about it:

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the very helpful, inspiring and motivating workshop tonight!”

“Thanks for the workshop last night, it made me feel so much more prepared and ready I keep holding back, saying "I’m not ready yet" but you made me realize I am ready!”

“I found it very informative and your style very refreshing.”

"I cannot tell you how much info I got out of the other nite and thanks so much for everything.   You are such a positive and productive teacher that I am so happy to have YOU in my circle of people I can turn to in order to work together towards a common commercial career goal."


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