Resources I Love


Peter Pamela Rose of Acting Business Boot Camp

I think she is terrific and she is recommended by many agents and casting directors (like me)!  She offers many FREE (my favorite word) seminar opportunities to get a feel for her work.  Solid coaching for actors and FANTASTIC Weekend Intensives!. I know many people who have worked with her and LOVE her!

Shrink Session with Erin Stutland

Erin is phenomenal! Shrink Session combines an amazing workout and creativity work. If this feels like a right fit for you, DO IT!  It has inspired MANY artists I know!

My Heart Dances - holistic health coaching with Melissa King

This is not acting career coaching but life, health and wellness coaching. I have worked with Melissa and took one of her cooking classes and absolutely ADORE her.  

Personal Financial Coaching with Jaime Campbell

Jaime is simply amazing.  After decades of struggling with financial management and empowerment, Jaime’s was the first financial coaching that created lasting results for me.  I truly cannot recommend her enough.  She is supportive, inspiring, creative and 100% committed to reinventing your relationship to money and creating new financial results.


Tom Todoroff

Took his weekend workshop, I am a big fan!


Jordan Matter

Hands down the best headshot photographer I know.  The ONLY one I recommend!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Jordan’s work!  He did my headshots!


Roger Becker

Hands down the best class for commercial VO training.  Roger is brutally honest, fun and REALLY KNOWS his stuff.  Like myself, he LOVES actors and wants to see them work. He shares a wealth of knowledge from having worked in all areas of commercial VO, from engineer to agent to casting director.  Can’t recommend him enough!


The following are all services I have personally taken advantage of, or utilized, so I am sincerely a fan, PLEASE LET THESE FOLKS KNOW I SENT YOU!